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  • Alexander Preece

Golf is having a moment

While many sports have struggled during the pandemic, golf is seeming to have its moment.

At the elite level, the sport hasn't been as affected as other sports with the absence of fans, and the organisers of the tours have created an environment where the players seem to feel safe and are able to perform. The recent US Open shows how the game and its supporting brand partners are engaging fans in this new world. From virtual autograph sessions for junior fans through to a virtual grandstand, the focus is all about bringing the fans closer to the action.

At the other end of the spectrum, the rise in the casual golfer has exploded, a sport that has been struggling in recent years with participation levels has seen growth like never before over the last few months. Recent stats make for some impressive reading for those involved in the game:

  • 60% increase in the number of rounds played in August this year vs last year according to Sports Marketing Surveys

  • Year-on-year sales of Srixon golf products increased in July by 58% in Europe and 37% in the UK

  • Stewart Golf, the electric golf trolley company has seen sales reach over £1.5m in the first half of 2020, four times higher than the same period last year

Callaway jumps on the growth of the game...

Therefore, it was no surprise to see leading golf brand Callaway drop a new campaign targeting the weekend golfers called Slicers Anonymus last week. A piece that is nearly 8mins in length features US comedian and actor Kevin Nealon helping golfers who are struggling with their slice, a common issue many of us weekend golfers have. Created on the insight that Google searches for 'golf slice' are at their highest in the last seven years, according to the Marketing Dive, the short film pokes fun at people's slicers and promotes how their Big Berta B21 club can help save all of our swings.

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