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Eating with insights. A conversation with Josh Clemente, founder of Levels

Last week I sat down and chatted with the founder of health and fitness start-up Levels, Josh Clemente.

Levels uses data and continuous glucose monitors to track your blood glucose in real-time, so you can take actions based on this info to maximize your diet and exercise. Check out the interview below or on Spotify.

Having spoken to Josh there were a number of opportunities that jumped out to me, that I believe it is worth keeping in mind.

The data of athletes

The conversation around athletes and their data is gathering pace. With every professional athlete having every aspect of their life measured, there is a ton of data out there, and so begins the conversation about what should happen with the data and who owns it.

Opportunity: the ability for athletes to monetize their personal data in a safe way.

Affecting brand choice

Brands need to be prepared for when technology starts informing users on their decisions on what food products to buy. Beta users of Levels are already showing that the tech is changing their purchase behaviours so it won't be long before we all start seeing what food products are good or bad for us on a personal level.

Opportunity: the creation of the personal nutrition shopper, where food is purchased based on your data insights.

The role of the personal trainer

With the everyday person beginning to build up a portfolio of health and fitness data, the role of the personal trainer will only gain importance, but they will need to be able to read and translate the data and then advise on the best course of training.

Opportunity: creation of training courses that teach personal trainers how to translate data into meaningful actions.

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