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Driving positive change in women's sport. A conversation with Sue Anstiss MBE

A conversation with Sue Anstiss MBE, CEO of Fearless Women, Host of the Game Changers podcast and author.

Last week I sat down with CEO of Fearless Women, podcast host and author, Sue Anstiss MBE.

Sue has a wealth of experience from working in the sports marketing space for over 30 years, so it was a joy to talk to her about the visibility of women’s sport, building communities that support female athletes and discussing the opportunities there are for more brands to get involved. Check out the interview on Spotify or Apple.

Having spoken with Sue, there were a couple of opportunities that jumped out to me, that I believe it is worth keeping in mind.

Opportunity 1: Original Storytelling

  • There are so many untold stories about female athletes and their inspiring journeys, and we have seen through the recent success of the Unlocked programme, that female athletes are looking to share their stories to inspire others.

  • Opportunity: Long-form storytelling around players and their journeys, with production and distribution baked into the process to ensure these stories are seen far and wide.

Opportunity 2: House of Highlights

  • The visibility of women's sport still has a long way to go, as evidenced here when looking at the coverage the WNBA achieved vs other sports, however, there is no denying that there has been a progression in the amount of women's sport appearing in the media. To be able to inspire the next generation, women's sport content needs to be turning up and created for the spaces where this audience are spending their time.

  • Opportunity: Create the House of Highlights for women's sport. Using the next-gen of creators to help capture and distribute this content.

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