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Athletes changing the game

Each week we are seeing a new wave of athlete activism from athletes across the world, and this week saw four more athletes using their platforms to drive change.

  • Marcus Rashford - launched a task force to tackle food poverty in the UK, by leading the charge and bringing leading brands together to put pressure on the government

  • Coco Gauff - starred in the New Balance ad, which saw her labelled as the 'new generation' and asking everyone to use their voice, no matter how big or small

  • Allyson Felix - the GOAT of track and field launched a new campaign with Athleta about empowering woman of all ages

  • Naomi Osaka - voiced over Hyperice's new ad, that recognises its only a commercial, but uses its platform to drive change. As Naomi says, 'You never know who’s ears your voice will reach so if you believe in something, keep speaking.'

And fans are in support

Recent studies from:

  • ESPN - shows that sports fans are in support of athletes and teams speaking out on social justice issues

  • Octagon - shows that sports fans are more likely to back brands that support racial equality

My takeout...

As it becomes the norm for athletes to speak out and 'do more than just dribble', the shape of partnerships between brands and athletes will reflect this. Athletes and their teams will be looking for partnerships that:

  • Aligns with their values and causes

  • Provides a platform for their message to be heard

  • Donates a percentage of the partnership fee to their chosen cause

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